I worked with Hernán on multiple projects for business and personal brands. He has a remarkable sense of aesthetics and creates modern, stylish designs. They also look very relevant for the specific business field. All the colors, shapes and forms are chosen with clear ideas in mind what they represent and why they are used for a brand.

The resulting design is accompanied by a detailed guideline of correct and wrong use examples to facilitate implementation in web or real world.
Besides fantastic logo and branding, Hernán also creates very nice designs of user interfaces.

Highly recommended!


Vlad Kostanda 🇺🇦

Co-founder @ Primex Labs


Hernan Vionnet is a great Graphic designer which I met online.We worked together online (Argentina-Israel) It was the most professional experience ever due to the long distances and the big ocean between us.

After looking for a super professional graphic designer for my B2C mobile app, I found Hernan. After a long search, I finally found a high-level portfolio and told my cofounders - I want him! Hernan creates 1MD app 2.0 Version with a new look & feel. He renovated the app in terms of Customer Happiness.

As a Mobile developer, It's important for me to work with zeplin.io, Invision & Cloud Based Applications - The agile working flow that Hernan brought to the table!

Hernan's Design is implemented in our app in Google Play Store - https://bit.ly/2CVicFp - 20K downloads - April 2018. And counting! Super Duper Recommended.


Kobi Shasha 🇮🇱

Software Engineer @ 1MD Talent

I worked in close collaboration with Hernan for a year, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who seeks out a professional UX/UI designer and requires a high-quality product and competent support. Hernan is a very responsible person, and he always pays attention to the details of your project and meets the deadlines. It was my pleasure to work with him on various design projects, including designs for complex CRM systems and technological startups. The most important thing is that he always tries to keep in line with current design and development trends and understands how things are supposed to work, so if you are looking for a senior web designer, feel free to contact Hernan :)

Anastasiia Bogachova 🇺🇦

Project Manager @ O2D

I searched for a designer to redesign the front end of my mobile app and narrowed my choices down to three capable designers. As a final step, I had each of the designers re-design a screen so that I could see their vision and capabilities in action. Hernan had the best designs and communication out of the bunch, and working with him has been a pleasure since then.

Tyler Grady 🇺🇸

Founder @ Earthjoy - US