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Earthjoy is a wellness app that helps users create a healthy self-care routine to live a happier and more mindful life. With the help of proven habit-forming techniques and integrated accountability methods, the app enables users to make their mindful practice a daily habit. The app also provides personalized advice, meditations, and other features that help improve mental health.



The Problem

The client had a published app in the mental health space with a user interface that needed a redesign to look more appealing and user-friendly. The objectives of the redesign were to make the interface cleaner, easy to use, and more visually appealing.

The challenge

Improve the user flow and ensure users could easily navigate the app to find what they needed.

The original design had several usability issues, such as a cluttered interface that made it difficult for users to find the features they expected. The design lacked visual appeal, and the color scheme needed to be more consistent, making the app feel disjointed.

Design Process and Solution

The process started with research and analysis of the existing app and its audience. The Earthjoy team conducted interviews with users to understand their pain points, what they liked about the app, and what they felt was missing. Based on the feedback, the team created user personas and user journey maps to identify the key features that needed to be added or improved upon.

I then moved on to the ideation phase, where I brainstormed several design solutions; through wireframes and prototypes, I tested the designs with users and gathered feedback. I used a mobile-first approach and focused on creating a clean interface that was easy to navigate.

After several iterations, the new design was ready to be implemented. New functionalities an updated color palette, new iconography and a simplified user interface made it easier for users to have a gorgeous and seamless experience. 

The new design also includes new features like a community section where users can connect with like-minded individuals and a "Help the Earth" section that encourages users to adopt sustainable habits that promote environmental wellness.


After the redesign was released, the app saw a significant increase in downloads and paid subscriptions. The app reached 500+ downloads on Google Play and 1500+ on Apple Store. Within a month of release, the company gained 1200+ new paid subscriptions. 

The new design received positive feedback from users, who appreciated a cleaner and more user-friendly interface as well as the addition of new features that helped them live a happier and a more mindful life. The redesign's success has helped the company establish itself in the top 10 in the wellness app space and paved the way for future growth and expansion.


I worked in close collaboration with Hernan for a year, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who seeks out a professional UX/UI designer and requires a high-quality product and competent support. Hernan is a very responsible person, and he always pays attention to the details of your project and meets the deadlines. It was my pleasure to work with him on various design projects, including designs for complex CRM systems and technological startups. The most important thing is that he always tries to keep in line with current design and development trends and understands how things are supposed to work, so if you are looking for a senior web designer, feel free to contact Hernan :)


Anastasiia Bogachova

Project Manager @ O2D - Ukraine

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