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Primex is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that aims to unite regular people, traders, and financial organizations into an ecosystem where they can trade freely and earn interest backed by trading profits worldwide. The team at Primex had vast expertise in blockchain, trading, and finance but lacked communication, product design, and branding skills. That's when they approached me to help with their visual strategy for the company and project.


The main goal was to create a strong visual strategy for Primex that would make it stand out in the crowded DeFi market. We broke the work down into a series of milestones deliverables, categorized and organized by priority and type.

First goal: We started by creating a brand that transmits the spirit of the crypto space. Check it out

Second goal: The next step was to design a website to help people understand what Primex is all about, who is behind it, and how to take part in it. Dive deeper

Third goal: The final step consisted of creating a modern, easy-to-use responsive platform where users can confidently trade. The platform needed to work on all devices, be legible and reachable at first glance, and not overwhelm users with information.

The Interface

I designed an intuitive, simple, and user-friendly dashboard, with all the information and tools easily accessible. The dashboard features charts, graphs, and data visualizations that help users track their investments and make informed decisions. The platform also offers educational resources, such as tutorials and FAQs, to help users navigate the DeFi ecosystem.

Homepage. Borrowers and Lenders navigate the intuitive dashboard effortlessly to access essential features and information.

One of the key sections in Primex's DeFi dashboard is called "Buckets," which functions as pools within the lending market. The Buckets screen provides users a comprehensive overview of different lending pools available for participation. Each bucket represents a specific lending pool, where users can deposit their assets to earn interest or borrow funds against their collateral.

The Buckets screen displays essential information about each pool, such as the pool size, interest rates, available borrowing capacity, and collateral requirements. Users can easily select a bucket that aligns with their preferences and investment goals. This intuitive interface empowers users to navigate the lending market efficiently, make informed decisions, and actively participate in the pool that best suits their needs.

The "Lend" section in Primex's DeFi dashboard allows users to participate in lending pools and earn interest on their deposited assets.

Primex ensures a user-friendly and transparent trading experience. Users can navigate the dynamic crypto markets, execute trades efficiently, and stay in control of their portfolio's performance, all within a single comprehensive trading section of the Primex DeFi dashboard.

The "Trade" section includes two key child-sections: "Spot" for executing spot trades and "Balance" for managing portfolio holdings. "Spot" provides real-time market prices, order types, and order book data for informed trading decisions. "Balance" offers an overview of asset holdings, transaction history, and portfolio performance tracking. With these screens, Primex ensures efficient trading and portfolio management within its comprehensive DeFi dashboard.

Design System

The design system created in Figma for Primex's DeFi protocol provides a comprehensive framework for consistent visual identity and user interface. It includes a vast collection of UI components, a well-defined brand color scheme, and guidelines for font usage. This design system ensures a cohesive and efficient user experience throughout the platform, maintaining brand integrity and facilitating seamless design implementation.


The Primex DeFi dashboard is designed with responsiveness in mind, ensuring a seamless user experience across various devices and screen sizes. The responsive design allows users to access and interact with the platform effortlessly, whether using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. The layout and interface elements of the dashboard adapt dynamically to different screen resolutions, optimizing the display of information and maintaining usability. This responsiveness ensures that users can trade, monitor their investments, and access essential features of the dashboard with ease, regardless of the device they choose to use.


Thanks to the strong visual strategy, Primex successfully launched and has attracted a growing community of users, traders, and financial organizations. The brand identity, website design, and dashboard have all received positive feedback from users and industry experts. Primex has positioned itself as a strong competitor in the DeFi market alongside established players like Uniswap, Pancakeswap, and Compound.

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